Research shows that intensive EMDR treatment — several long sessions conducted over a short period of time — can help heal trauma faster than traditional therapy. Read the latest peer-reviewed studies on this exciting therapy.


From books to movies to music to apps, here's my list of favorites when it comes to the little extras that will help calm your nervous system, improve your health, feed your soul, and otherwise put a new spring in your step.


Attachment style will be an important aspect of any work we do together. Log in here and take a quiz to learn how you relate in your primary relationships.


Sessions cost $150 for 50 minutes. Payment for in-person sessions is due at the time of the session. Payments may be made by cash or credit card. For ongoing clients, an active and valid credit card, debit card or HAS card must be kept on file regardless of preferred payment method. Insurance: Out of network. A limited number of sliding scale spots are available.


I understand that your health care information, including psychotherapy appointments, is personal. I am committed to maintaining the confidentiality of this information and providing you with information regarding my privacy practices.

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