Your first psychotherapy session

Please bring the forms below to your first appointment

These forms can be downloaded, filled out and brought to your first sessioin. They:

  • Provide information about you and give us permission to gather information from your other mental health providers. This information gives your therapist a starting place to get to know you better.

  • Explain my policies as well as your rights and responsibilities.

  • Authorize The Relational Trauma Recovery Center to bill your credit or debit card and send you monthly statements for ease of payment and reimbursement to you from your insurance company.

  • Assess where you are now and provide information to help guide your initial treatment.

Policy & Fee


There are three primary purposes of your first appointment.

Here's what we will do:

Your story

I will ask you to tell your life story as it relates to your presenting problems. This is not intended to be every detail of your life story, just the parts that relate to your presenting problems at this point. We likely will talk about your family of origin, any support you get from family or friends, any history of substance abuse or self-harm and past suicidal thoughts or attempts.

Your questions

Instead of holding your questions until the end, it’s most effective to ask your questions when they are relevant. Your preparation will help you think of your questions as the topics come up. Likely, other questions will come to you during the course of the session. I might ask to defer the question because it will be answered later or say the question is bigger than can be addressed in this first session. Be patient. You will get answers to your questions.

Wrap up

In the last few minutes of the therapy session, I will summarize what was accomplished and what remains to be done. I will likely ask how you feel about the session. If it feels like a good fit, we will talk about what comes next; then discuss a day/time for weekly appointments and confirm your next session.

Review paperwork

I will review your paperwork with you to make sure it is complete and answer any questions about the paperwork. With this task, we also will discuss our policies and procedures, talk about how and when to contact each other and clarify financial arrangements.

Discuss assessments

We will review and discuss your responses to any pre-screenings you took. These assessments will give me a starting place for your therapy. We will complete these assessments roughly every six months to assess your progress in therapy.
Discuss what brought you to therapy:

  • What problem or problems bring you to therapy now?
  • What life events led up to your decision to get therapy now?
  • What do you want to get from therapy?
  • Are you looking for a particular type of therapy?

It’s a lot to accomplish in a short amount of time. So it’s important to have realistic expectations.  We likely won’t get everything done and, if you do, not in the depth you would like.  Have patience and take heart. You will continue to address the tasks and your questions as time goes on.

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