In order to heal trauma, we have to engage the body. I work with adapted Somatic Experiencing methods that include attachment systems. The work is gentle, and does not require the prolonged exposure to traumatic memory, or talking about events over and over again. In fact, with somatic methods it's possible to heal traumas that aren't even overtly remembered. 

More specifically, the Somatic Experiencing approach teaches us that trauma is not caused by the event itself, but rather develops through the failure of the body, psyche, and nervous system to process these adverse events. This modality offers a way to assess where a person is stuck in the fight, flight or freeze response, and provides the clinical tools to resolve these fixated physiological states.

Developed by Peter Levine, Somatic Experiencing is a powerful and gentle psychological approach to resolve nervous system dysregulation and trauma. This modality allows a person to feel safe enough to experience life in a more fully embodied way. It increases resilience to life stressors by helping to regulate the nervous system. This regulation allows one to be present in the “here and now” and to be more interactive with others, without being trapped in the unhealthy patterns of fight, flight or freeze.

To learn more, watch this video about Somatic Experiencing.
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